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Bid Update Status Tracking

With the BUST database, you will get access to a simple-to-use system that displays what has been completed and what tasks need to be completed for each active project, giving you a complete timeline for the tasks.

With software access for everyone involved in the project, your team will work more efficiently whether they are all in the same office or thousands of miles apart.

The Features

The BUST system will give you one view to see:

  • Current bids in queue progress
  • Bid calendar with date and times
  • When the take-off has been completed
  • When the RFQ has been sent
  • What addendum the team has reviewed

These features are just the beginning. To get the full benefits of the BUST system, sign up today!


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  • When your entire team is not on the same page, it costs you money. Give them the tools they need to stay current with all of the project files and specifications.

    Plan Vault is a cloud storage application designed for contractors. You can drop your documents into the vault and grant access for your team, sub-contractors, and suppliers so they'll never be in the dark.

    • 5GB of FREE space is included with your free subscription.
    • FREE for up to 5 users and unlimited sharing capabilities.
    • Upgrade for 1-ad

    ts PLUS unlimited storage.

  • Opt for unlimited file recovery and revision history for an annual cost of just $199.

Ensure Your Project's Success

Get the only construction bid development software you'll ever need.

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