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The Ultimate Tracking & Estimating Software For The Construction Trade Professional

Take your bids to the next level! Estimator Locator gives you in-depth analysis of past bid performance, tracks the progress of every ongoing bid from start to finish, includes free cloud storage for all your project files, and connects you with estimating firms so you can find estimating help when you need it.

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The Estimator Locator Benefits

FREE -  You will have access to all of the features and benefits of BART, BUST, Plan Vault, and the estimator search.

Find Estimators per trade - Browse through our directory to find the experts you need for your future project.

Host From Anywhere - Through our online hosting, you can make updates to the data from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Dashboards - For your convenience information is organized around two dashboards, each designed to help you make sense of bid patterns and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Progress Tracking

With an easy to use dashboard, you can keep track of the entire bid process.

Performance Reviews

Easily access reviews for previously completed projects and see how your team measures up to the competition. Real feedback in real-time.

Customized Reports

View data reports whichever way you prefer with our select viewing option.

Superior Usability

Our system was designed to keep the navigation and usage as simple as possible.

The Dashboards

Helping you keep your estimating team organized, on point, and working at maximum profitably.


You'll wonder how you ever got along without Bid Analyzer Results Tracking, AKA BART. Input all of your data and let our system analyze and display a path to winning more bids! The BART dashboard will provide bid tracking, bid results, and percentages for your estimates.

***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible graphics are our own design, and were produced for this particular shoot.***
***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: All visible graphics are our own design, and were produced for this particular shoot.***

Our Bidding Update Status Tracking, AKA BUST, will help you identify what has been completed and what still needs to be done during the bid preparation process. See when the take-off is completed, how many addenda the team has reviewed, and even send a request for quote to all your suppliers with one click!

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Included with our software is access to, an organization tool designed to keep your team informed to the information they need. Store all of your project files in pre-organized folders and share them with anyone you choose too and restrict access for files you want to keep private.

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Ensure Your Project's Success

Get the only construction bid development software you'll ever need.

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