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How Contractors Can Grow to Greatness


If you want to grow your small contracting company into a successful, large firm, you need the tools to generate big profits. Learning how to increase the number of construction bids you acquire, using the best software to estimate project costs, and delivering an attractive bid are some ways to get ahead. Boost Your Bid-Hit…

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Construction Estimating System with Built-in Double Checks


We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “ … mistake due to human error.” And we’ve all made our fair share of errors — but if you’re a professional estimator, mistakes are your worst enemy. In the business of construction estimating, the slightest error can do serious damage to a construction budget … not to…

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Getting Paid—Public Works Projects Are Not Free


Local, state and national government construction projects are a great opportunity to earn publicity and polish a sense of patriotism. That said, they are often on a scale that generates a healthy profit for a winning bidder. This makes sense since constructing a hospital or school, for example, is no simple task and often comes with a…

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Why You Keep Losing Public Bids


Nothing stings quite as much as failure. Particularly when you have spent time and hard-earned money on preparing to compete for a project. The “we’re sorry” letter or phone call can be crushing. It gets worse after it happens more than once. We would like to humbly offer a few tips on how to avoid…

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Bid Sheet Templates – Sometimes It Is All in Appearance


First impressions are everything. Clients often come to conclusions based on the quirkiest clues. Was the estimator’s vehicle clean? Was his or her attire appropriate — i.e., not torn jeans, but also not a suit and tie, which is suggestive of a distanced relationship between paperwork and construction site. We strongly suggest the same is…

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Keeping Your Construction Estimating Team Organized


Just when you think all the parts are in place — tools ready for work, balls juggled with a precision that impresses curbside buskers — someone tosses a grenade into the office. Normally this happens on a Thursday night. Mondays are for recovering from the weekend and catching up on job sites. Tuesdays are for processing paperwork hours.…

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Research Firms to Find the Best Estimator


When you’re under a deadline to submit a bid for a project, it’s important to get a good estimate from a firm you can trust. If you do your homework and research a company’s background, including its experience, clients, and specialties, you’re more likely to find the right construction estimating firm for the job. Experience…

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Technology Changing the Face of Construction Estimating & Bidding


The construction industry has always been in a state of flux as new technologies continue to come along. Many of these have been centered on construction techniques aimed at creating safer buildings; however, in recent years, technology has also been changing the way in which construction estimating and the bidding process are accomplished. New, web-based…

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Tracking the Progress of Each Project With a Single Click


While having many projects at one time is good for your construction business, trying to keep track of them all can be a real headache. In the old days, this meant filing cabinets full of documents, blueprints, bids and cost estimates for each project. Talk about a nightmare! Along Came the Computer With the advent…

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Estimates with Estimating Software


Let’s face it, the construction industry is getting tougher every year with more companies bidding for the same projects and trying to be the one to seal the deal. Finding a web-based program can help streamline your company’s construction estimating and bidding by speeding up the process and improving overall accuracy. As a contractor, your…

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