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Bid Analyzer Results Tracker

With the BART database, users will be able to submit all of their data for their projects and bids for analyzing and display.

Our simplified and comprehensive display includes different charts, graphs, and tables that give you a full scope of the project components.

With a wide variety of display options, the BART system has everything you need to ensure a successful estimating and tracking experience.


The Features

The BART features are designed to give you a bottom-line for your project and bids. Some of them include:

  • In depth analysis of past bids prepared.
  • General contractor viability.
  • Performance evaluation of your estimating team.
  • Evaluate your bid totals against your competitions.
  • Overall bid statistics.
  • Learn your bidding patterns.
  • Gain insight to projects that generate better profits for you.
  • Know how many projects you bid per year, at what dollar amounts, and what your success rate is for each general contractor.

Plan Vault

When your entire team is not on the same page, it costs you money. Give them the tools they need to stay current with all of the project specifications.

Plan Vault is a cloud storage application designed for contractors. You can drop your documents into the vault and grant access for your contractors, so they'll never be in the dark.

  • 2GB space is included with your subscription.
  • Free for one user and up to 2-GB of storage.
  • Upgrade for 1-admin and 49- sub accounts PLUS unlimited storage.
  • Opt for unlimited file recovery and revision history for an annual cost of just $199.

Ensure Your Project's Success

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