Change Management Team Members: Identifying Their Roles


Change management team members are the key players used in applying a structured approach for a change management project. They not only formulate the strategy for the change but make sure that it is scaled and customized for overseeing the human side of the initiative. Tailoring A Plan for Employee Acceptance The executives involved in…

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Marriott’s New Headquarters Will Remain in Bethesda


According to recent news reports by the world-wide hotel giant, Marriott International, the company plans to keep its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, a Washington, DC suburb. However, the plan is to locate to a build-to-suit $600 million structure in the downtown area. Marriott’s headquarters have been located in Bethesda for over six decades. While the…

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Change Management in Corporate Design: Implementing a Program


Change management is creating a buzz in the construction industry, especially in the area of corporate design. That is because companies are trying to expand their office spaces by incorporating various trends into the design. Making A Bold Move in Office Design One of these trends involves the elimination of the workstation. In turn, designers…

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Bid Invitations – How to Target Subcontractors


When it comes to targeting bid invitations to subcontractors, you need to make sure you have established a relationship with qualified and experienced people in the construction trade. General contractors who invite thousands of subcontractors to a project, just so they locate a good bid, usually do not succeed. It’s Not the Quantity but the…

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Putting the Roof on the Atlanta Falcons Stadium


Recent reports indicate that the massive, new 75,000-seat Mercedes-Benz stadium for the Atlanta Falcons is slated for June 2017 completion. According to President and CEO Rich McKay, the scheduled completion date is well in advance of the upcoming 2017-2018 NFL season. The retractable roof for the structure has been continuously engineered as each phase of…

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Job Costs Impacted by Standard Material Sizes


It is not the cheaper things in life that we want to possess, but the expensive things that cost less – John Ruskin Achieving value for the money spent may seem like a continuing balancing act. That is because you have to satisfy the client and obtain the resources at a realizable and affordable cost.…

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Education and Healthcare Are Driving Today’s Builds


Statistics, today, show that the largest percentage of margin dollars in the construction industry come from the segments of education and healthcare. In many instances, these divisions contribute as much as 60 percent in returns. That is because these areas use higher quality building products and more of them than their commercial counterparts. New Builds…

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Keeping Investors Happy on Big Construction Builds


In keeping investors happy on big construction builds, you have to follow some of the same basic steps you would in any other business, or when working on a project. That means maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with the people putting money into your project. You not only want to inform them about the…

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Worker Shortages in Commercial Building – Technology Triumphs


According to a national construction survey, worker shortages are impacting the commercial construction industry. Survey results reveal that employers cannot find enough electricians, carpenters, and other construction professionals for a pipeline of work that continues to grow and expand daily. Worker Shortages, Why They Exist Part of the reason for the worker shortage stems from the…

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5 Biggest Commercial Construction Contractors in the US


Commercial Construction Contractors Lists give us a chance to see how we are doing, compared to the big players in the construction field. You can get to know 5 of the top commercial construction contractors by reading the listing below: #1 – Bechtel Corporation Making approximately $30 billion annually, the Bechtel Corporation has prominently made a…

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Solar Power – How it Works on Commercial Buildings


Solar Power on Commercial Buildings Because the prices of solar photovoltaic panels have dropped, construction companies and site owners are taking advantage of the lower costs of solar power. In fact, the cost to make a PV cell for a solar panel design has taken such a nose dive that solar power cannot be overlooked.…

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How to Use GPS As An On-the-Job Time Clock


You can keep track of job costs and times when you use a GPS app as a type of time clock to track when you employees begin and end work. On-the-clock mobile apps and sites regularly receive geolocation data from a phone, computer or tablet. When an employee punches in or out of a time…

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