Construction Estimating

Construction Estimating System with Built-in Double Checks


We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “ … mistake due to human error.” And we’ve all made our fair share of errors — but if you’re a professional estimator, mistakes are your worst enemy. In the business of construction estimating, the slightest error can do serious damage to a construction budget … not to…

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Keeping Your Construction Estimating Team Organized


Just when you think all the parts are in place — tools ready for work, balls juggled with a precision that impresses curbside buskers — someone tosses a grenade into the office. Normally this happens on a Thursday night. Mondays are for recovering from the weekend and catching up on job sites. Tuesdays are for processing paperwork hours.…

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Research Firms to Find the Best Estimator


When you’re under a deadline to submit a bid for a project, it’s important to get a good estimate from a firm you can trust. If you do your homework and research a company’s background, including its experience, clients, and specialties, you’re more likely to find the right construction estimating firm for the job. Experience…

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