Construction Software

Construction Estimating System with Built-in Double Checks


We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “ … mistake due to human error.” And we’ve all made our fair share of errors — but if you’re a professional estimator, mistakes are your worst enemy. In the business of construction estimating, the slightest error can do serious damage to a construction budget … not to…

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Tracking the Progress of Each Project With a Single Click


While having many projects at one time is good for your construction business, trying to keep track of them all can be a real headache. In the old days, this meant filing cabinets full of documents, blueprints, bids and cost estimates for each project. Talk about a nightmare! Along Came the Computer With the advent…

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Going Online With Your Construction Documents


There is nothing more painful than having to race to a copy shop just so that everyone in a critical meeting has the blueprints and documentation necessary for opening an estimate process, bidding on a construction job or laying out a proposed project for the client. In today’s digital world, it’s just common sense to…

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