Project Bidding

How Contractors Can Grow to Greatness


If you want to grow your small contracting company into a successful, large firm, you need the tools to generate big profits. Learning how to increase the number of construction bids you acquire, using the best software to estimate project costs, and delivering an attractive bid are some ways to get ahead. Boost Your Bid-Hit…

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Getting Paid—Public Works Projects Are Not Free


Local, state and national government construction projects are a great opportunity to earn publicity and polish a sense of patriotism. That said, they are often on a scale that generates a healthy profit for a winning bidder. This makes sense since constructing a hospital or school, for example, is no simple task and often comes with a…

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Why You Keep Losing Public Bids


Nothing stings quite as much as failure. Particularly when you have spent time and hard-earned money on preparing to compete for a project. The “we’re sorry” letter or phone call can be crushing. It gets worse after it happens more than once. We would like to humbly offer a few tips on how to avoid…

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Bid Sheet Templates – Sometimes It Is All in Appearance


First impressions are everything. Clients often come to conclusions based on the quirkiest clues. Was the estimator’s vehicle clean? Was his or her attire appropriate — i.e., not torn jeans, but also not a suit and tie, which is suggestive of a distanced relationship between paperwork and construction site. We strongly suggest the same is…

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