Project Estimating

Getting Paid—Public Works Projects Are Not Free


Local, state and national government construction projects are a great opportunity to earn publicity and polish a sense of patriotism. That said, they are often on a scale that generates a healthy profit for a winning bidder. This makes sense since constructing a hospital or school, for example, is no simple task and often comes with a…

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Keeping Your Construction Estimating Team Organized


Just when you think all the parts are in place — tools ready for work, balls juggled with a precision that impresses curbside buskers — someone tosses a grenade into the office. Normally this happens on a Thursday night. Mondays are for recovering from the weekend and catching up on job sites. Tuesdays are for processing paperwork hours.…

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Estimates with Estimating Software


Let’s face it, the construction industry is getting tougher every year with more companies bidding for the same projects and trying to be the one to seal the deal. Finding a web-based program can help streamline your company’s construction estimating and bidding by speeding up the process and improving overall accuracy. As a contractor, your…

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