Technology Changing the Face of Construction Estimating & Bidding

The construction industry has always been in a state of flux as new technologies continue to come along. Many of these have been centered on construction techniques aimed at creating safer buildings; however, in recent years, technology has also been changing the way in which construction estimating and the bidding process are accomplished.

New, web-based software is set to make a big difference in the entire process, saving contractors both time and money. Accurate construction estimates are key to running a successful construction business. Your customers demand highly accurate and detailed bids, and as a business owner you owe it to yourself and your company to provide them.

It’s All in the Details

For years, the construction bidding process entailed a “best guess” estimate based on previous knowledge, experience in the field and assumed material costs. In a time when competition was not so fierce and budgets weren't slashed to the bone, this form of estimating might have sufficed.

In today’s market, this simply isn’t good enough. Your customers demand accurate bids that are highly detailed and free of errors. Anything less won’t do, regardless of your reputation. More importantly, the latest web-based construction estimating systems offer you a way to create construction estimates and bids that are virtually foolproof.

With this type of software, you have the ability to develop a database of material costs and keep it up to date with current pricing. Add in a labor cost database, and you are on your way to creating the most accurate construction bids your company has ever submitted.

These new construction apps allow you to establish a wide range of parameters with one thing in mind: helping you develop construction bids. Today's online software allows you to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, so no more worrying about whether or not you have all the pertinent information with you when visiting your clients. Now you can make changes to your estimate in minutes by adding new materials and tasks, changing timelines and adjusting the size of your workforce. All this and more is at your fingertips.

Your Clients Won’t Wait

The right type of online estimating software lets you build and adjust construction bids in real time. Our construction app is intuitive and learns with you to ensure it will always meet your needs. Since your clients won’t wait, neither should you. Take the time now to sign up for our free newsletter and find out why Estimator Locator is the only web-based construction estimating app your business will ever need.