Bidding and Estimating Software; It’s Amazing What a Single Click Can Do

Have you ever stopped to think about how many mouse clicks it takes to access a single client's project? Now take this number and multiply it by the number of projects you access on a daily basis. That's how much time you waste each day clicking away on your mouse trying to get your work done.

Now imagine just how much faster you could get your work done if you could access everything you need with a single click.

Monitoring Your Projects Has Never Been Easier

One of the biggest problems we have found with most bidding and estimating software is that none of it is designed for the construction industry, and that's frustrating. For the average contractor, trying to use software designed for other services makes producing accurate estimates in a timely fashion all but impossible.

At Estimator Locator, we decided this just wasn't acceptable. We know you need construction bidding software that works the way you want it to: fast and flawlessly. Our web-based software lets you access any facet of your bids and projects with a single click of your mouse.

With Estimator Locator you get:

  • One-click file access,
  • An up-to-date, online database,
  • Online blueprint storage,
  • Access to the Estimator Locator’s Plan Vault,
  • Software designed for the construction industry, including contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and mechanical engineers,
  • Online access from anywhere, including the job site.

This is only a sample of the many amazing features available when you sign up for our online services. Using our web-based service can cut your construction estimating time dramatically, freeing you up to place more bids or take care of the many other tasks that tend to fill up your workdays.

Create Detailed Cost Analysis Reports in No Time

It takes hours to complete a project bid, especially when using software not specifically designed for the construction industry. In many cases, you still have to create your spreadsheets manually and enter all of the information one column at a time. In some cases, it might seem better to do the entire thing on paper rather than mess around with poorly designed software.

Estimator Locator has custom designed our online program to meet your exact needs, and if you don't see what you want, simply contact us and let our team go to work customizing your software. This is what we mean by "One Click Does It All."

Are you ready to learn more about everything Estimator Locator can do for your business? Sign up for our newsletter today and let us show you how the best web-based construction bidding and estimating software can make your business more successful than ever.