Tracking the Progress of Each Project With a Single Click

While having many projects at one time is good for your construction business, trying to keep track of them all can be a real headache. In the old days, this meant filing cabinets full of documents, blueprints, bids and cost estimates for each project. Talk about a nightmare!

Along Came the Computer

With the advent of the computer, you could store your bids and blueprints on a PC instead of in a huge filing cabinet. While this was infinitely better because it helped you get rid of tons of excess paperwork, this system was not without its drawbacks.

These early systems required numerous programs and databases to manage each of your projects and bids. On top of all this, it only took one wrong keystroke to wipe out hours of hard work and leave you and your clients in the dark. More importantly, losing your files could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. You and your customers both deserve better.

Estimator Locator Has a Better Way

Estimator Locator offers our customers a much better way to handle the construction estimating process and manage your bids. Our web-based system provides you with online storage for all of your bids and databases with our online plan room. We also provide you with a place to store your blueprints online with our blueprint hosting service.

With Estimator Locator, a single click can open each bid, access our online bid analyzer and help you create new bids. With our project locator, you can quickly navigate your way straight to the right files, find exactly what you need and print or email the information to your clients.

One of the biggest advantages to storing your information with us online is that you never have to worry about losing anything. Our systems offer multiple backups to ensure that no matter what you do on your end, we always have a backup of your files.

Going One Step Further

Chances are good you do most of your work in the office, but what are you going to do when you are called to discuss a project with one of your clients on location? Do you print out the current information and then make hand-written adjustments that have to be uploaded when you get back to the office?

What happens if your client asks for information that is back on your office computer? With Estimator Locator, you never have to worry because you can log into your account from anywhere with an internet connection. Our system allows you to access your entire database with a single click, provide the most up-to-date information to your clients, update your estimates, retrieve new data and show-off the blueprints online.

This is what today's online construction software from Estimator Locator is all about. The best way to see all that our construction estimating software can do is to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter and then take our software for a test drive.