Take the Guesswork Out of Your Estimates with Estimating Software

Let's face it, the construction industry is getting tougher every year with more companies bidding for the same projects and trying to be the one to seal the deal. Finding a web-based program can help streamline your company's construction estimating and bidding by speeding up the process and improving overall accuracy. As a contractor, your budgets are tight, and the only way you’re likely to have the winning bid is to keep your profit margins razor-thin.

A Need for Speed

Bids come and go at lightning speed, and if your estimating software is not up to the task, your chances of being the winning bidder go out the door. One thing you can count on is that the estimating process you have been using is no longer going to make it in today's cut-throat bidding wars.

In the competitive market, you need to bid precisely based on material and labor costs. You also have to factor in equipment and subcontract expenses. Using estimates produced by efficient software will help you determine a project’s true cost, and will help you determine a bid that will be beneficial for you and the client.

No Room for Error

There was a time when most construction companies could afford to build in a little extra leeway to account for errors or cost overruns. With today’s tight budgets and clients who expect to come in under cost, you must have software that can deliver 100 percent accuracy with every estimate. You can no longer rely on manual entry tasks, because the possibility of human error will get in the way of the streamlined process that estimating software can give you. Using estimating software also allows you to prepare estimates that use the exact values and procedures time and again, making it a better choice when it comes to consistency.

Save Time and Money

The right software suite will not only impact your bottom line exponentially, but it will cut your estimate preparation by as much as 50 percent, in comparison to using generic templates or completing them manually. The built-in database automates the entire cost-updating process and lets you organize your estimates in a logical, easy-to-follow format. This means that when you use reliable software, your estimates will not only determine costs, but will also determine your schedule and track your project progress.

Keeping Track

The post-bid analysis tools in estimating software help you keep track of the actual cost of each project versus the original bid. With a history of actual job costs, the software gives you exactly what you need to adjust future estimates. You can easily use this information to reduce your risk of under- or overbidding, and figure out cost-saving procedures.

To be on top of the game, what you need is a software suite designed just for your industry to help you prepare your bids accurately and efficiently. With the right web-based software, your take-offs will be faster and your proposals will look more professional.

Our software package offers dozens of easy-to-use options that are guaranteed to take the guesswork out of estimating. This software suite is designed to be used in every facet of the construction industry, including electrical, mechanical, landscaping, plumbing and many others. Our system is intuitive and adapts to the way you work, further enhancing its capabilities and reducing preparation times.

When you’re ready to take the guesswork out of the construction estimating and bidding process, Estimator Locator is the only web-based system you will ever need. Contact us today and take our highly powerful and unique system for a test drive.